Week 5 Marketing Programme

This week our focus is on creating a list of journalists to contact for a press release and how to create an infographic.

As mentioned in the email a press release is still an important marketing tool in promoting your company.

You may be thinking “But I’m only just starting out my business, a press release isn’t something I can be thinking about this moment”. Not true. There are specific journalists and editors for small businesses, which we will show you how to contact to release your story and the steps on how to generate an effective press release.

Getting started with Press Releases

First things first, when wanting to get a press release published, you need to think of how your story idea is different and what angle would interest the eyes of a journalist to publish your story? There’s no point wanting a press release published without an interesting story.

A tip would be to look at what you have recently achieved in your business to this present moment. Is there anything newsworthy about it? What have you done that’s different? Also, what are you planning to achieve in the future?  Writing a press release ahead of time for a new feature that you’re releasing in your company or partnership is a great way to guarantee promotion of your new endeavour for when it launches.

Before you start writing a press release, ask yourself these questions

  1. Who are you trying to reach? (Who is my audience)
  2. What sort of content do they read?
  3. Which sort of publications and programmes will publish my type of story?

Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions, you can get started on writing a press release. Don’t worry if you’re not PR saavy, you can still write a press release. Access the link to the To-Do list for an example press release template to help you.

Side note: We’ve added a recent press release about our Co-Founder and CMO of Smarty Software making the top 250 most influential women on the internet. Make sure to view it there as well.

Contacting Editors and Journalists

The next important step is contacting the list of editors and journalists to send it out. There is no quick method in getting contact with key media people. It is just a matter of researching and collecting their contact details.

Some ways you can do this is by looking at publications that have printed content that are related to the industry you operate in. Make sure to note down the email address and name of the journalists. The aim is to create a media list.

Another generic option is to look at the business section of digital and physical copies of a magazine and newspaper and gather contact details there. Make sure that the contacts you are gathering have some sort of connection to your industry, otherwise they are less likely to publish anything you send them as it’s not relevant. Following them on Social media is a way to get an idea of the type of content they tend to release.


Take leverage of Social Media. On Twitter you can create lists of categories of important people. So, you can create a list of journalists. To be even more organised import the list into a software that holds a CRM database like Smarty to make it easier to e-mail the press release when you’re ready!

As we are moving onto Infographics, it’s only right we attach a useful infographic telling you the do’s and don’ts of press releases. Check it out below.



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